Weddings and Handfastings

A wedding or handfasting is a solemn pledge between two people that affirms their love and commitment for each other. This dedication is made for the couple themselves, their community, and their God.

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Performing a wedding is always a distinct pleasure. Watching the love the couple shares being voiced and shared with others makes the love of all who participate even stronger. It is for this reason that I personally feel delight in being asked to officiate on this special day.

I currently live in the eastern part of Kentucky and perform weddings in Kentucky and Ohio. If you wish me to travel to your venue or location, I will do all that is necessary to be able to officiate in your city and state (where legally possible).

I do not have a standard fee schedule for performing the service on your special day.  Cover my expenses (travel, lodging, and meals) and any gift you wish to make will be appreciated.  Dollars and Bitcoins are accepted.

- Rev. Jim


Additional Information

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Rev. Jim