To help spread the serenity, love, peace, and all of the other blessings coming from the Divine; this Web site will be a place to come and pray together. Rev. Jim is also available to perform weddings, handfastings, vow renewals, funerals, and other blessings.

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 If I had to define myself, it would be as a spiritual being.  Labels like names for the Divine, questions of one God or many, God or Godess, and others are not as important to me as the love I feel in the Universe.  I would like to be part of your celebrations and share in the understanding that can only come from the Higher Power(s).

Donations to support the outreach of this spiritual gathering place will be accepted in USD and Bitcoins, thus the name. Contributions will only be used for the continuation of this ministry (offset expenses) and to help those in need in the global community.

Please feel free to contact me at any time:

My mailing address is: Rev. James M. Reneau
P.O. Box 278
Russell, KY  41169-0278
Cell: 1-606-923-4421
Email: revjim@ulcky.org

Rev. Jim 2011-10-06


Additional Information

This site is to help you in your spiritual journey. Contributions are accepted to help cover expenses. Send your generous gift of Bitcoins to 1NK6DCZ54Fa4kSLXZWzgdDjtef74q6BVse, or USD check/money order to our mailing address.

Rev. Jim